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Taibai Mountain

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Article from China Culture

Being the highest peak of the Qinling Mountain Range, Taibai Mountain is also the highest in the east of the mainland of China, rising 3,767 meters above sea level. Snow on Taibai Mountain in June is one of the famous Eight Views on Guanzhong Plain.

The Qinling Mountain Range is a natural barrier between North China and South China, and also the watershed between the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. As the main peak of the Qinling Mountain Range, the imposing height and fast-changing capricious climate of Taibai Mountain add some mystery to itself. In 1991, the Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, which was opened to the public in July 1992.
The Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is situated in Meixian County on the northern piedmont of Taibai Mountain. It covers an area of 2,949 hectares, with 10 scenic zones and 180-odd scenic attractions. The park stands 620 to 3,511 meters above sea level, and is the highest forest park in China.

Forests are the principal landscape inside the park, with grotesque hills as its framework and brooks, lakes, historic sites and relics here and there. With undulating hills, flourishing greenness, green mountains and clear waters, mists and clouds, grotesque and splendid landforms, the park is tranquil and magnificent. Spring sees green sprouting and flowers blossoming; in summer, oceans of trees stands beautifully on both sides with cool breeze; autumn dresses the mountain with bright red maple leaves and golden fruits; and the silver snow atop the trees and vapor rising from the hot springs in winter make the park even more spectacular. Everything is so wonderful and mystical, such as Yudongxianyin (immortal sound in the stone cave), one of the Eight Scenic Attractions in Meixian County, and the Shengong Stone, the Pomo Mountain, the Peaceful Land Away from the Turmoil of the World, the Kaitian Pass, and the seven-girl peak.

Climate, animals and vegetation are distinctively distributed vertically in the park. In the mountain range from 620 to 3,511 meters above sea level, the park features different climatic zones, vegetation zones and animal zones. There forms a vertically distributed vegetation pedigree including 3 vegetation zones, 7 vegetation sub zones, and 15 vegetation communities. There are five landscape forest zones, respectively in ascending order: the pine and oak forest, the birch forest, the fir forest, the larch forest and the alpine scrub.

The Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is a natural paradise for rare animals. It has more than 1,690 species of forest animals and insects, and those within the first category under state protection are the golden monkey, the giant panda, and the takin; those within the second category are the snow leopard, the clouded leopard, the red-bellied tragopan, the serow, and the giant salamander.

The Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is listed as one of the first eight tourist attractions in Shaanxi Province.

Quick Facts on Taibai Mountain

• Name: Taibai Mountain
• Location: 110 Km West of Xi'an
• Phone: +86-29-87630166
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Day
• Opening Hours: East Gate: 07:00-19:00, West Gate: All Day
• Admission Fee: CNY 100 (April to October), CNY 60 (November to March of next year)

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