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Great Wall at Badaling

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Article from Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism

Badaling Great Wall is hidden deep in the mountains north of Changping County in Beijing. Badaling section of the Great Wall is the most representative, with its particularities. Bada in Chinese means thoroughfare, and ling means mountain ridge. Badaling used to be an important strategic communications center and defensive outpost of ancient China. Badaling provides a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area, with only one narrow pass and a small town. Badaling Great Wall rises from the small town up the mountains to the ridge.

Badaling Great Wall is 7.5 meters high on average, and the foundation is about 6.5 meters, narrowing up to about 5.8 meters on top, capable of allowing five mounted horsemen or 10 rows of soldiers to pass side by side. Badaling Great Wall has houses on the inner side and crenels on the outer side. Each crenel is about 1.7 meters high, with watch holes and shooting holes. At fairly close intervals, there is a fortified tower, usually on the mountain ridge or at wall corners or at the most strategic points. On the upper layer of the crenel, there are watch holes and shooting holes, and

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on the lower layer is the living area. The low ones are called wall platforms. Their height is similar to that of the Great Wall, but they protrude out of the wall, with crenels on all sides. It is a place for patrol. There are also some high              

platforms scattered along the wall. These are the watchtowers. In each tower were placed firewood, sulfur and nitrite. In emergencies, smoke was let off during the day. As wolf's dung was mixed, the smoke could raise up straight to the sky, hence the name wolf smoke; at night, a fire would be lit, called in Chinese feng, or beacon fire. There is one watchtower or beacon tower every 6 kilometers along the Great Wall. Despite the distance, information about the enemy was passed on and reached the military command in hours. These towers formed a complete alarm system.

Because of differences in temperature, each of the four seasons at Badaling is about two weeks later than in Beijing. Spring comes late, but in no time, the whole mountain turns green. In summer, despite the scorching sun, there are sometimes refreshing cool winds. After a rain, the mountains are covered by veils of mist, making Badaling Great Wall seem as if it were flying in the clouds, sometimes visible, sometimes not. In autumn, the sky is high, with few patches of clouds and winds becoming cooler. After a frost, the whole mountain turns red, covered with wild fruit and red leaves. When there is snow in winter, a typical view of north China comes into view.
Leshan Giant Buddha

Quick Facts on Great Wall of China at Badaling

• Name: Great Wall at Badalin
• Location: 90 km North of Beijing

• Phone: +86-10-69121423
• Dates: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 06:30-19:00 (Apr 1 to Oct 31); 07:00-18:00 (Nov 1 to Mar 31)
• Admission Fee: CNY 45 (Apr 1 to Oct 31); CNY 40 (Nov 1 to Mar 31)
• Cable Car: CNY 80 (single trip); CNY 100 (round trip)
• Pulley: CNY 30 (single trip); CNY 60 (round trip)