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Mount Hengshan

Introducing Mount Hengshan, Mount Hengshan Guide, Mount Hengshan Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Hunan Municipal Commission of Tourism

Hengshan Mountain, also well known as Nanyue Mountain, is one of 5 Great Mountains of China. The 72 rolling and magnificent peaks compose the mountain with the highest one, Zhurong Peak located in Nanyue District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province.

People praise Hengshan Mountain as “the unique one among 5 Great Mountains”, “the holy land of religions”, “the mountain of longevity”, and “the land of profound culture”. Now Mount Hengshan has been listed among the first national major scenic attractions, first national AAAAA tourism attractions, national natural preservers, and national civilized scenic tourism attractions. In addition, Mount Hengshan is also nominated as a site of world cultural and natural heritage.

Hengshan Mountain is beautiful with green peaks, verdant forests, lovely springs and excellent waterfalls. Here is a good place to enjoy sights in every season, such as flowers in spring, sea of clouds in summer, sunrise in autumn and snow in winter. The Four Wonders of Nanyue are lofty Zhurong Peak, elegant Scripture Library, magnificent Fangguang Temple and amazing Water-curtain Cave. Hengshan Mountain is everywhere covered by trees and forests with 91.58% of forest coverage in central part. The trees involve 600 families and over 1700 species, among which there are over 90 nationally protected species such as gingko and metasequoia which are known as living fossil, Gleditsia vestita which is rarely seen across the world as a unique and endangered plant in Hengshan Mountain, as well as coin tree, Twin Tree and Interlocked Branches.

Quick Facts on Mount Hengshan

Name: Mount Hengshan
Location: 140Km South of Changsha
Best Time to Visit: April to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 8 Hours
Opening Hours: All Day
Admission Fee: CNY 100

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