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Dali Ancient City

Introducing Dali Ancient City, Dali Ancient City Guide, Dali Ancient City Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Dali Municipal Commission of Tourism

Shouldering the lofty and majestic Cangshan Mountain to the west and the vast and immense Erhai Lake to the east, there sits the Dali Ancient City. Step into Dali, you will find the streets here lie in typical traversing layout, and the architectural style pleasingly differs from anywhere else, with unified grey tiles roofing. The ground in Dali Ancient City is completely covered by large slab-stones: it is by this clear feature, simple elegant style that Dali Ancient City distinguishes its own unique charm.

Dali Ancient City, or the ancient town of Dali, was set up in 1382 in the Ming Dynasty. Dali Ancient City has a history of more than 600 years. Dali Ancient City was once a vital communications hub where the population was dense. Many trade caravans gathered here and the markets were prosperous. On both sides of the street, there were numerous shops, inns, tea houses and Halal restaurants, very bustling and exciting. Now, Dali is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in China. The local government has given high priority to its preservation. So Dali Ancient City still remains its original looks.

After many years of rectification, Dali Ancient City has gradually been restored to its original look in ancient times. Walking in here is like following the footsteps of history back to the past. China’s best preserved civilian buildings of the Bai ethnic group are in here.

Quick Facts on Dali Ancient City

Name: Dali Ancient City
Location: Northwest of Dali
Dates: Tang Dynasty ( 618-907 )
Best Time to Visit: March to April
Recommended Time for a Visit: 5 Hours
Opening Hours: All Day
Admission Fee: CNY 30 for every tourist of any tour group

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