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Dali Erhai Lake

Introducing Dali Erhai Lake, Dali Erhai Lake Guide, Dali Erhai Lake Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Dali Municipal Commission of Tourism

With Cangshan Mountain arranging horizontally to the west like a curtain, Yu’an Mountain embracing to the east like an arm, the special environment of Erhai Lake defines ultimate elegance, long reputed as the "Silver-like Cangshan and Jade-like Erhai”, and the "Plateau Pearl".

Erhai Lake is the most important scenic resource of Dali Scenic Zone, as well as the major birthplace of the ancestors of the Bai ethnic group. So far, more than 30 spots of the New Stone Age ruins have been found at Erhai and on the surrounding hillside tablelands. Among these ruins, Jinsuo ,the Golden Shuttle, Island is most famous. Recently, it is found that Yuji Island in Shuanglang Town is also an important site of the New Stone Age and the Bronze Age. In addition to many stone and pottery tools used for production and livelihood, some bronze ware are also excavated such as furcate handle sword and cupric handle ferric edge sword and the pottery molds for building these swords. Thus it is inferred that this Erhai Lake might also have been the production base for Bai ethnic group ancestors to smelt and cast bronze ware and even step into the Iron Age. It seems every era has left something here. We can almost hear the footsteps of Bei ancestors striding from savagery to civilization. The saying is true: Erhai Lake is the cradle of the Bai ethnic group.

Quick Facts on Dali Erhai Lak

Name: Dali Erhai Lake
Location: Northwest of Dali
Dates: Tang Dynasty ( 618-907 )
Best Time to Visit: June to August
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Hour
Opening Hours: 08:30 - 18:30
Admission Fee: for free (Erhai Park) CNY30 (Resource Protection Fare)

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