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Dragon Palace Cave

Introducing Dragon Palace Cave, Dragon Palace Cave, Dragon Palace Cave Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Guizhou Municipal Commission of Tourism

Covering an area of 60 square meters, the Dragon Palace is 27 km from Anshun City and 127 km from Guiyang City. Dragon Palace Cave is a national 5A class scenic spot, which is divided into 4 parts including 32 scenic sites. Dragon Palace Cave system is characterized by natural wonderful view of caves, enchanting reflections in the water and misty clouds around the mountain. The pure green underground river in the cave looks like a ribbon connecting various channels and halls to form a water park or a underground maze, stretching more than 4 km. As the underground river locates at one Buyi people’s village named Longtan, Village, dragon’s pond, so it got the name of the Dragon Palace. Main sites here are: the Sleeping Dragon Beach with rapid stream, the Dragon Gate Flying Waterfall inside cave, the mirror-like Tianchi, Heavenly Pond, the Water Caves with mysterious scenes, the imaginary Clam Shell Cliff, and a land cave— Tiger’s Cave. According to the experts from China Institute of Atomic Energy, the Dragon Palace has the lowest natural radiation in China and Dragon Palace Cave is a place with the most water caves and land caves. Therefore, Dragon Palace Cave is listed as the Lowest Natural Radiation Place and the Largest and Most Water and Land Cave Group in the Guinness World Records after being investigated and approved by Shanghai Guinness Headquarter.

Quick Facts on Dragon Palace Cave

Name: Dragon Palace Cave
Location: 110Km from Guiyang
Best Time to Visit: May to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:30
Admission Fee: CNY 120

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