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Flower Stream Park

Introducing Guiyang Flower Stream Park, Guiyang Flower Stream Park Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Guiyang Municipal Commission of Tourism

Guiyang Flower Stream Park is 17 km from Guiyang, in the suburbs, and is known for being exceptional beautiful, comfortable and clean in Guizhou province. Guiyang Flower Stream Park is away from the noise and the neon lights of the city, serene and fresh, and the ideal leisure place for those who are busy in their workday lives. Guiyang Flower Stream Park's serenity has attracted many visitors and leaders from China and abroad who have left their comments. One of them, General Chen Yi, left a poem that is plain and sincere, and reads as follows:

Real mountains and rivers can be seen everywhere,
The layout of Huaxi is more natural.
Ten miles of the river beach looks like a shining mirror,
Flowerbeds and farm fields can be seen anywhere.

Guiyang Flower Stream Park's scenery includes Kylin Hill, Phoenix Hill, Turtle Hill and Snake Hill asfocal points. Kylin is the main hill and looks like a fierce kyli, covered with green trees, making a great noise. It is said that clouds surround blue Kylin Hill. Over a zigzaging stone path, you can get half-way up the hill and find Flying Cloud Cave, with a Flying Cloud Pavilion just outside, a place where visitors can have a rest and view the scenery of a lofty cliff. The top of the hill, the cliff, and precipice look like kylin horns. At the top of the hill, Leaning-against-the-sky Pavilion is tall and straight, but leaning against the hill and pointing to the sky. At the top of Kylin Hill, you get a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape of Guiyang Flower Stream Park that is like flying above other smaller hills.

Phoenix Hill is on flat ground among some fields, flowerbeds and paths. At its top you can see the villages and alleys crawling among the flowers and fields like a white snake or dancing dragon. Turtle Hill looks like an old man crawling and there is a pavilion with the couplet The hill extends from the west, the river flows to the east, a quiet place for visitors to get away from the din of outside. Jade-chess Pavilion, on one side of the hill can be seen from far away. There's a bridge over the dam on the other side of the hill, which looks like arms extending to shake hands with visitors or to say farewell. Snake Hill is similar to Turtle Hill in the distance, with a winding shape and three small peaks. There are Cypress Pavilion, Snake Hill Pavilion and Viewing-falls Pavilion at the top of the three peaks and the hill is connected to Turtle Hill.

Quick Facts on Guiyang Flower Stream Park

• Name: Guiyang Flower Stream Park
• Location: 17 km from Guiyang
• Phone: +86-851-3862706
• Date: Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Hour
• Opening Hours: 8:30-18:30
• Admission Fee: CNY 6

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