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Tianhe Lake

Introducing Tianhe Lake, Tianhe Lake Guide, Tianhe Lake Muslim Travel Guide, Tianhe Lake Information
Edited by Sharleen

Tianhe Lake is a deep lake about 2,000 square meters at the bottom of a karst crater, around which are vertical cliffs about 50 or 60 meters high with majestic grotesque rocks. The first scenic area of Tianhe lake is the 210-meter-long Gaihuatan Fall, the widest travertine waterfall in China. Behind the surging fall there are various caves.

Located at 23 kilometers away from the southwest suburb of Guiyang in Guizhou Province, the Tianhe Lake Scenic Area combines waterfalls, crystal springs, deep pools, stone bridges, unusual caves, and strange rock formations. It occupies an area of 15 square kilometers. These area is an outstanding tourist destination, full of beautiful natural scenery and cultural displays.

Tiansheng Bridge
Spanning two stone walls, Tiansheng Bridge is a karst formation left behind after the rock formations at the upper stream and on both banks of the river corroded and subsided, because of the long-term erosion of the rock stratum by the river. It is an exquisite work of art by underground water erosion. Located on the third layer of the Dry Tunnel, the bridge connects two cliffs in the tunnel. Under the bridge is an unfathomable abyss. A natural wonder, the bridge is called by the locals Tiansheng Bridge, the bridge born by Mother Nature, and Tianhe Lake is called the Cave with a Heavenly Bridge.

Jiudaowan, the Nine Bends
Joining the Water Tunnel and the Dry Tunnel, Jiudaowan is a zigzagging expanse of water with a shining surface surrounded with dense bamboo. The banks are of steep sedimentary formation. Sailing on a boat along Jiudaowan, you can enjoy the mountain villages, the fields, the smoke from kitchen chimneys, the croaking of roosters and the barking of dogs.

Quick Facts on Tianhe Lake

• Name: Tianhe Lake
• Location: Downtown Guiyang
• Phone: +86-851-6515242
• Best Time to Visit: March to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 4 Hours
• Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 50

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