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Zhaojun Tomb

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Zhaojun Tomb is also known as "Qingzhong", Zhaojun Tomb is at the 9 kilometers section from the southern suburbs of Hohhot. With an area of nearly 100 mu, it is thought to be the mausoleum of Wang Zhaojun (Wang Qiang) of thewestern Han Dynasty. It is now a key protected of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

In 33 BC, the chief of Xiongnu Chanyu met Han Dynasty Emperor Yuan, and said he was"willing to marry the Han people". Wang Zhaojun then asked to go to the frontier areas and serve as an ambassador for peace. She was conferred with the title of "Ninggu'eshi".

Assuming the shape of an overturned cape, the tomb was built with earth. Zhaojun Tomb is 33 meters high, covering anarea of 13000 square meters. The cemetery centers on the grave. There is a path, decorated archway, stone carving and bronze statue in front of the grave. Of which, the 4-metre-high large bronze statue weighing 5 tons showing Chanyu and Wang Zhaojun riding side by side on horseback is very vivid and splendid. There's a 100-meter stele corridor, in which a great number of inscriptions related to Zhaojun Tomb since the Qing Dynasty are displayed. The landscape surrounding the tomb is very beautiful and is always changing, meaning that it has been called a "green tomb supporting beauty".

Quick Facts on Zhaojun Tomb

• Name: Zhaojun Tomb
• Location: Downtown Hohhot
• Phone: +86-471-4606517
• Best Time to Visit: March to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 65

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