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Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village

Introducing Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village, Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village Guide, Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Shandong Municipal Commission of Tourism, edited by Cathy

Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village lies in the Southeast of Qian County, Anhui province, occupying an area of 12.96 hectares. The traditional buildings in Xidi Ancient Village indicates the extraordinary talents and high achievements in human’s living buildings. And it is of high historical, artistic and scientific values.

Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village boasts 124 well-preserved dwelling houses and 3 clan temples dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In front of Xidi Ancient Village is a landmark - A glorious memorial archway in honor of a native, Hu Wen guang, who was a advanced governor in Ming Dynasty.

Houses enjoy fine wood-carving, brick-carving and so on,reflect profound local culture and customs. The representative scenic spots in Xidi Ancient Village are Xidi Pailou, Xidi Zoumalou, Patio and Xiulou, Xidi Ancient Village is called "the Lanwhich attract tourists home and abroad.

Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village is called “the land of Peach Blossom" or "Home In Wonderland" for its beauty and tranquility. Xidi Ancient Village is also called "a treasure house of ancient resident architecture" for its well-preserved ancient houses and archways in Ming and Qing dynasties. As a cultural site, Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village was added to the list of World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000.

Quick Facts on Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village

Name: Huangshan Xidi Ancient Village
Location: Qian County, Huangshan
Dates: 11th Century
Best Time to Visit: All Year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: All Day
Admission Fee: Free

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