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Jiuhua Mountain

Introducing Jiuhua Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain Guide, Jiuhua Mountain Muslim Travel Guide
Article from China Culture

Jiuhua Mountain covers an area of 120 square kilometers southwest of Qingyang County in the south of Anhui Province. On the north is the Yangtze River and on the south the Huangshan Mountain.

Jiuhua Mountain is dotted with temples and misted with the smoke of burning joss sticks. Jiuhua Mountain is a sacred place for Buddhist pilgrims. With a unique appeal, Jiuhua Mountain has been established as one of the four most important Buddhist Mountains in China and is known in and out of the country as the most worshiped sacred place and the first mountain in Southeast China. The temples now numbers 80-odd and the monks and nuns more than 300.

Noted not only for its Buddhism relics, but also for its beautiful scenery and favorable climate, Jiuhua Mountain is an ideal summer resort. It's full of marvelous ridges and peaks, exotic-shaped stones, gushing fountains, flying waterfalls, and clear streams. There are 99 peaks and 18 scenic spots. The peaks stand sheer against each other, yet they are all exquisitely beautiful, of which Tiantai, Lotus, Tianzhu and Shiwang peaks are the most splendid. There are more than 30 peaks with an elevation of over 1,000 meters, and the highest peak -- Shiwang Peak -- is 1,342 meters above sea level. Fog and pines set each other off beautifully. Birds sing accompanying the beating of bell and drum. Streams, fountains, pools, ponds and waterfalls enhance the charm of Jiuhua Mountain.

There are many interesting stones, which is the source of travelers' imagination. The stone in shape of a rock listening to preaching was said to be a rock moved by the preaching and changed into a rock. Guanyin Stone on the Guanyin Peak, Wooden Fish Stone on the Shiwang Peak, Stone Buddha, and the stone of Monkey Paying homage to Guanyin -- all these stones got their names by their vivid looks.

Quick Facts on Jiuhua Mountain

• Name: Jiuhua Mountain
• Location: 180 km from Huangshan
• Phone: +86-566-2821008
• Date: Western Jin Dynasty (265-316)
• Best Time to Visit: March to May; September to November
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3-5 Hours
• Opening Hours: 8:00-17:30
• Admission Fee: CNY 190 (Jan 16 to Nov 14); CNY 140 (Nov 14 to the next Jan 15)
• Cable Car:
Bai Sui Gong Cable Way: CNY 55 (a single trip), CNY 100 (a round trip)
Tiantai Cable Way: CNY 75 (a single trip), CNY 140 (a round trip)
Huatai Cable Way: CNY 85 (a single trip); CNY 160 (a round trip) from Jan.16 to Nov.14; CNY 65 (a single trip), CNY 120 (a round trip) from Nov.14 to Jan.15

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