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Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Introducing Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Mount Huangshan Guide, Mount Huangshan Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Shandong Municipal Commission of Tourism

Mount Huangshan, literally translated as Yellow Mountain, ranks among the Great Wall and the famous Terracotta Warriors as one of China's most luring tourist attractions.

Located in the eastern province of Anhui, Mount Huangshan is a convenient train or bus ride from urban centers like Hangzhou and Shanghai—a perfect getaway for visitors in search of fresh air and a chance to experience China’s natural beauty. As an international ecotourism point of interest, UNESCO listed Mount Huangshan as an official World Cultural Heritage Site in 1990.

Known for its unique pines, geological formations, dream-like clouds and clear hot springs, Mount Huangshan is known in China as The Number One Mountain Under Heaven; though, with close to eighty awe-inspiring peaks in excess of 1,000 meters tall, Mount Huangshan is actually an entire range of mountains and valleys, sure to impress the dedicated outdoor tourist or those in search of China's best mountain resorts. The jutting rocks, shimmering pools, gurgling water falls and the ephemeral clouds that make up the mountain's dreamlike ambience are sure to invoke images of the most famous Chinese art.

Of Mount Huangshan's many peaks, the three most widely known are The Lotus Peak, The Brilliant Top Mountain, and The Celestial Capital, all of which rise a stunning 1,800 meters above sea-level. The granite mountains are dotted with massive natural stone colums, webbed with deep crevices, and feature the jutting peaks so often illustrated by Chinese artists.

Besides the dense forests that blanket the region, the unique terrain and latitudinal climate change cause noticeable distinctions in the mountain flora as elevation rises: plants on the summit must be able to thrive in frigid air and on frozen ground, temperate-zone vegetation can be found on the middle levels of the mountain, and at the foot of the mountain subtropical plants.Mount Huangshan is a botanical garden unlike anywhere else in the world. The trees of Mount Huangshan occupy an especially important place in China's botanical research. Here you will find century-old pines, firs, ginkgoes, actinidia, Chinese torreyas and camphor woods-- remnants of the glacial era. Many of the trees are celebrated on account of their age, contorted shape, or precipitously perched position. Mount Huangshan is also home to flowers unique to the mountain, such as orchids and the Mount Huangshan magnolias.

Mount Huangshan's climate is mild and humid, and the temperature is agreeable during all four seasons. In July, the summer's hottest month, the temperature falls between 70 and 80 °F. The white, billowy cloud cover alleviates sunrays, ensuring that guests to the mountain are always comfortable. The area lies in a subtropical zone, so winter months range from 25 °F to 40 °F—cold enough to result in unmatched snow scenery, but mild enough to enjoy outdoor activity in a world draped with icicles. Today, Huangshan Mountain has developed a world-famous reputation as a must-see tourist site. With its convenient facilities: three cable lines, four three-star hotels on the peak, and all the paths paved with flat stones, it lures millions of visitors, foreign and domestic. Seeing is believing.welcome to Huangshan Mountain!

Quick Facts on Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Name: Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)
Location: 60Km South from Downtown Huangshan
Best Time to Visit: March to November
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Day
Opening Hours:  06:30 - 16:30 (Monday to Friday, Sunday);06:00 - 16:30 (Saturday) 
Admission Fee: CNY 230 (Mar. 1 to Nov.30); CNY 150 (Dec.1 to Next Feb.28 /29 )
Cable Car:
Mar. 1 to Nov.30:
CNY 80 (Single ticket for Cloud Valley)
CNY 90 (Single ticket for Jade Screen)
CNY 80 (Single ticket for Taiping)
CNY 40 for Cloud Valley and Taiping Cable Cars
CNY 45 for Jade Screen Cable Car
Dec.1 to Feb.28/29:
CNY 65 (Single ticket for Cloud Valley)
CNY 75 (Single ticket for Jade Screen)
CNY 65 (Single ticket for Taiping)
West Sea Valley Telpher : CNY 80


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