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Daming Lake

Introducing Jinan Daming Lake, Jinan Daming Lake Guide, Jinan Daming Lake Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Jinan Municipal Commission of Tourism

Jinan Daming Lake is a natural lake in the downtown, honored as pearl of the city of springs. Jinan Daming Lake was built into a park in 1958, and through dredging and clearing of in Daming Lake 1972 and 1996, Jinan Daming Lake has been expanded to 86 hectares, including water area of 46 hectares with average depth of 2m and the deepest point of 4m. Jinan Daming Lake has plenty of water, sourcing from such springs as Pearl Spring, Baotu Spring, and the Five-Dragon Pond. So there is a saying goes, the springs converge and cover Luo of Jinan. The lakebed is formed by waterproof igneous rocks and is convenient for drainage, so it's characterized by never flood in frequent rainfalls nor dry in long drought.

Jinan Daming Lake boasts beautiful natural landscapes of lakes and mountains and clear water. Around the Jinan Daming Lake, there are more than eight hundred willows whose branches touch the green waves; and in the Jinan Daming Lake, there is a lotus pond, showing stacks of green leaves and white and red lotuses that complement with each other, contend in bizarrerie and beauty while giving out lotus fragrance to refresh the mind of people. The poem "Lotus covers four sides and willows line up the three sides of the lake; the mountain city is half covered a lake" is the best description of its landscape.

The old eight scenes including Misty Rain over Quehua Bridge, Setting Sun over the Waves, Autumn Moon over Daming Lake, Lixia Autumn Wind and the famous landscape of inverted reflection of the Thousand Buddha Hill can be viewed in the scenic area. Jinan Daming Lake boasts as many as more than 30 attractions such as Lixia Pavilion, Beiji Palace, Huibo Tower, Nanfeng Shrine, Jiaxuan Memorial for Xin Qiji, Xia Garden, Tiexuan Shrine, and Minghu House, which are dotted in between the shades, causing the visitors too busy to attend to all.

The reconstruction project commenced in 2005 and ended in September 2009. After expansion, Jinan Daming Lake has expended from 74 hectares to 103.4 hectares, increasing by 29.4 hectares. Eight attractions are newly built, including Wind and Moon over the Seven Bridges, Autumn Willows, Mingchang Bell Pavilion, the Rhyme of Jiaxuan, Breeze at Bamboo, Tranquility and Transcendence, Ripples around Zeng Causeway, and Bird Singing in the Woods. Upon completion, Jinan Daming Lake will change from a lake in a garden into a lake in a city.

Quick Facts on Jinan Daming Lake

• Name: Jinan Daming Lake
• Location: Downtown Jinan
• Phone: +86-531-86088910
• Date: Tang Dynasty (618-907)
• Best Time to Visit: June to August
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 6:30-18:30 (Apr 1 to Oct 31); 6:30-17:30 (Nov 1 to the next Mar 31)
• Admission Fee: CNY 30

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