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Black Dragon Pool

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Article from Kunming Municipal Commission of Tourism

Located in the forests of the Longquan Mountains north of Kunming, the Black Dragon Pool Park is the biggest Taoist abode in Kunming and is home to the largest sacred Taoist Temple in Central Yunnan with well preserved halls and mansions. Legend has it that a black dragon lived in the pool in the Black Dragon Pool Park.

The park, the Black Dragon Pool and the unique structures within have their origins in the Tang Dynasty and were substantially developed during the Ming Dynasty by the then Governor of Yunnan Mu Ying and over the centuries has been further developed. The Black Dragon Pool is actually two connected pools crossed by a bridge at the point where they meet. Fed by underground springs, the water in the deep large Black Dragon Pool is obviously clearer than that in the smaller pool and amazingly fish in one pool do not cross over to the other.

Within the park are two plum trees planted during the Tang Dynasty which still blossom though the trunks withered nearly a century ago, alongside are two Cypresses planted during the Song Dynasty. There is also a Fir planted in the Yuan Dynasty and a Camellia from the Ming Dynasty which obviously are the four wonders of the park apart from the pool. One of China's grandest plum blossom themed festivals is held in the park each winter.

Quick Facts on Black Dragon Pool

Name: Black Dragon Pool
Location: 12 km from downtown
Dates: Tang and Song Dynasty ()
Phone: +86-0871-65150395
Best Time to Visit: Winter
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: All Day
Admission Fee: CNY 20

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