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Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden

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Article from Gansu Municipal Commission of Tourism

Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden was built in 2005, to reproduce the picturesque scenes of many waterwheels along the Yellow River shores 50 years ago. Located at East Binhe Road on the south shore of Yellow River, the waterwheel theme park is composed of three parts, the Waterwheel Garden, the Waterwheel Square and the Cultural Square.

As the oldest water-lifting device for irrigation along the Yellow River, the waterwheels can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty, now having 400 years of history. Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden also has several other names, such as Heavenly Wheel, Dumping Wheel, Irrigating Wheel and Tiger Wheel. In 1523, a Lanzhou native Duan Xu saw many waterwheels used for drawing water up into the fields when he worked as an official in Yunnan Province. Sensing that the timber-keel structure was applicable in his hometown, he made a drawing of it and brought it back to Lanzhou. Returning home, he began to created his waterwheel by using the water in the Yellow River for irrigation, and eventually succeeded in 1556.

Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden, as the theme park of waterwheels, has the largest variety and number in the world. Thanks to the skillful and unique craftsmanship the waterwheels are thus built, forceful and masculine. They fully deserve the title of the best representative of Chinese waterwheels

Quick Facts on Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden

• Name: Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden
• Location: Downtown Lanzhou
• Phone: +86-931-8411259
• Dates: Built in 1994
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
• Admission Fee: Free

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