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Baisha Village

Introducing Lijiang Baisha Village, Lijiang Baisha Village Guide, Lijiang Baisha Village Muslim Travel Guide
Article edited by Cathy

As a component of the World Heritage Site “Old Town of Lijiang”, Lijiang Baisha Village is located on the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain, 10 km from the Old Town of Lijiang. Lijiang Baisha Village is the hometown of Mu family, the first family of Lijiang. In Lijiang Baisha Village, many complete Naxi architectures and cultural sites are well preserved.

The Baisha Old Town was the political, commercial and cultural center for the local Naxi people and other ethnic groups for 400 years from the year 658 AD to 1107 AD. The Dabaoji Palace of the Baisha Fresco, very close to the Baisha Naxi Hand-made Embroidery Institute, was built in the year 658 AD in the Tang Dynasty (618 AD to 960 AD).

In ancient times, the Baisha Old Town used to be the center of silk embroidery in the southwest of China and the most important place of the Ancient Southern Silk Road, also called the Ancient Tea and Horse Road or Ancient tea route.

Quick Facts on Lijiang Baisha Village

• Name: Lijiang Baisha Village
• Location: 10 km from Lijiang
• Phone: +86-888-5158111
• Date: Tang Dynasty (618-907)
• Best Time to Visit: July to September
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: All day
• Admission Fee: Free; CNY 30 for Baisha Frescoes

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