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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Introducing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Lijiang Municipal Commission of Tourism

With thirteen peaks, including the highest peak called Shanzidou which is 5596 m above sea level, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain spreads in the south-north direction like a huge dragon in the sky, with varied landscapes in different seasons and weathers. For the Naxi People and the local residents, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain, incarnated by Sanduo, the God protecting the Naxi People.

In early Yuan Dynasty when Kublai Khan came to Lijiang, he conferred a divine title on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to express his admiration and respect for the God. Precipitous, outstanding, and novel are among the words to describe Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The main scenic spots around Jade Dragon Snow Mountain include Yunshanping, Baishui River, Ganhaizi, Bingtalin, among others. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a destination attracting not only tourists and people looking for a site for vacation and travel, but also mountain climbers, explorers, and scientists.

Quick Facts on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

• Name: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
• Location: 15 km from Lijiang
• Phone: +86-888-5161501
• Best Time to Visit: November to the next March
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3-5 Hours
• Opening Hours: 9:30-16:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 130
• Ropeway: CNY180 (for the big ropeway; round-trip);CNY 60 (for the middle ropeway);CNY 55 (for the small ropeway)

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