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Mu's Residence

Introducing Lijiang Mu's Residence, Lijiang Mu's Residence Guide, Lijiang Mu's Residence Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Cultural-china.com

The old town of Lijiang is well-known as one of the famous cities in China and world cultural heritages. Mu’s Residence is the “Grand View Garden” of this old town. The Mu’s Residence was the mansion of the Mu family, the hereditary ruler of Naxi people that ruled Lijiang for about 470 years since the Yuan Dynasty. They are known for their elegance and knowledge among all the local rulers in the Southwest.

The Mu’s residence is located at the southwest part of Lijiang. Xu Xiake commended that the gorgeous Mu’s residence is comparable to the palace of the Emperor’s. The family of Mu served as the top administrative officer of Lijiang for 470 years, through the three Dynasties of Yuan, Ming, and Qing, in 22 generations, starting from 1253 AD. Lijiang Mu's Residence occupies a land area of some 32,000 m2 and is situated in the west-east direction. Noteworthy in the great number of buildings in Lijiang Mu's Residence are a business hall, a library, a family business hall, a garden, a reception hall, a Taoist hall, a sacrificial site, among others. Mu's Residence is built in the style of Central China while taking in many elements of the local Naxi culture.

The Mu’s residence covers an area of 46 hectare, with a central axis of 369 meters long. The entire building faces the east, absorbing energies from the rising sun. A horizontal inscription on the wooden arch reads “Tian Yu Liu Fang” (a homonym of “Du Shu Qu” in Naxi languages), which embodies the Naxi’s respect for knowledge. The stone arch is made of stones, with three layers. Mu’s residence is an excellent stone construction in the nation. The Meeting Hall is dignified, spacious, and gorgeous, which is the place for local rulers (Tu Si, a kind of official position in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties that leaders of minority ethnic groups were appointed hereditarily by emperors of the time) to discuss official matters.

Wanjuan Building is a library collecting the essence of the cultural heritages in the past two thousand years, thousands of scriptures of the Dongba religion, hundreds volumes of the Tripitaka, poetry anthologies of six poets from the Mu family, calligraphy and painting of many famous calligraphers and painters. All of them are treasures of arts. Hufa Hall, also called the Hind Meeting, is a place for Tu Si to discuss their family affairs. Guangbi Building is the entrance tower of the backyard garden. It is said that the structure of the entrance tower tops first in the west of Yunan.

Yuyin Lou is a building for holding banquets and receiving imperial decree. Sanqing Hall is a place for the Mu’s family to worship Taoism. In the deep forest of the Lion Mountain, there are many places for the Mu’s family to worship the Heaven, their ancestors, and the Nature. The Mu’s residence fully embodies the cultural diversities in the Naxi ethnic culture.

Quick Facts on Lijiang Mu's Residence

• Name: Lijiang Mu's Residence
• Location: Downtown Lijiang
• Phone: +86-888-5122572
• Date: Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368)
• Best Time to Visit: All year
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3-4 Hours
• Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 60

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