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Old Town of Shuhe

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Article from Ministry of Culture P.R. China

China’s Yunnan Province is home to several well-preserved old towns, yet amongst this cluster of UNESCO listed treasures, Shuhe reigns supreme. Shuhe is about 4km northwest of Lijiang Old Town, and feels like Lijiang did ten years ago, before it became excessively touristy. The streets are lined with shops and Halal restaurants, all built of rocks from the surrounding mountains. These buildings also house the owner’s families, transforming it from a theme park like Lijiang, into a working town.

Nestled deep in a forested landscape at the foothill of the imposing Jade Dragon Snow Mountains (Wikipedia Article), Shuhe old town is a postcard-perfect gem and an idyllic place in which to spend a few days. The compact, walled village is devoid of cars and comprising cobblestone alleyways traversed by picturesque canals. Shuhe old town is an absolutely intoxicating mix of authentic Han, Naxi, and Nakhi architecture, art, culture, and cuisine.

Not to be confused with über-popular Lijiang Old Town, Shuhe old town is a miniature version of its much more commercialized cousin, and located about 5kms to the north. Smaller, quieter, and perhaps much more enjoyable, Shuhe old town is one of just a handful of historic towns still left standing in all of China. While the majority of the country has undergone tremendous modernization, a few rare gems like Shuhe, Shaxi, and Shangri-La, have been maintained in their former glory. Although the trade you’ll find in Shuhe old town is solely aimed at tourists, it still grants a rare glimpse into a bygone era which has all but disappeared.

Quick Facts on Old Town of Shuhe 

• Name: Old Town of Shuhe
• Location: 5Km from Lijaing Old Town
• Best Time to Visit: All Year
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: All Day
• Admission Fee: CNY 40

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