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Camoes Garden and Grotto

Introducing Camoes Garden and Grotto, Camoes Garden and Grotto Guide, Camoes Garden and Grotto Muslim Travel Guide
Article edited by Cathy

Camoes Garden and Grotto lies in the northwest of the Macau Peninsula,north of the old city. Built in 19th century,Camoes Garden has become the oldest park in Macau.Camoes Garden.Camoes Garden is also the largest park in Macau for its occupying an area of 20,000 sq meters.

Camoes Garden got its from a Portugese rich businessman Marquez who had once lived there. He kept whtie doves standing on the roofs,from which viewed like like the doves' nests. Surrounded the Camoes Garden is the place where the Portugese lived very first.

Camoes Grotto is the most famous sight in the garden.Camoes Grotto houses the bust of the poet Luis de Camoes. Because of peeving the court officials, he was exiled from his country and lived in Macau for two years. He often came to the park and framed up his poems. Here he composed the noted epic Os Lusíadas (Soul of Portugal). Macau people show great respect to him. June 10th, the day Camoes died, was declared 'Portugal Day' by the government. On that day every year, Portuguese in Macau assemble in the park to celebrate the holiday and remember the poet.

The small mountains, the topping trees, the flourishing grass and flowers will all capture your imagination as you walk through the garden. Standing in the park is the bronze statue 'Embrace' which symbolizes the friendship between China and Portugal.In front of the Camoes Garden is the St. Antonial Church adn the site of the Fundação Oriente. They are all world culture heritages which add beauty to the splendid city of Macau.

Quick Facts on Camoes Garden and Grotto

Name: Camoes Garden and Grotto
Location: 4km Northwest of Macau
Recomended Time to visit: All Year
Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:00
Admission Fee: Free

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