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Mount Qingxiu

Introducing Mount Qingxiu, Mount Qingxiu Guide, Mount Qingxiu Muslim Travel Guide
Edited by Hillary

Mount Qingxiu is a national 5A scenery sites in Nanning and its development is being focused. In addition to the protection and restoration of the original monuments such as Dong Quan , captures blue cliff carved stone incense stove endures, a lot of new attractions have been established. Thai Garden is the Thai-style scenic spots established by Thailand architect during the cultural communication between Nanning city and Thailand Kongjing city.

The sceneries on Mount Qingxiu include Phoenix Ridge , Phoenix Wing Ridge and Mount Qingxiu, its altitude range from 82 to 289 meters. On Mount Qingxiu, the climate is always pleasant, flowers open in all seasons. Since ancient times, Qingxiushan had been the famous summer resort in Yongnan.

Main Attractions on Mount Qingxiu

Dragon Elephant Tower

The right side of the Mount Qingxiu stands the Dragon Elephant Tower, also called Qingshan Tower. It is the symbol of Mount Qingxiu. The Tower is 52.35 meters tall, 12 meters wide and has 207 ladders to the top of tower. It retains Ming dynasty architectural styles, all the bricks, tiles and eaves. When getting to the top, you can view the distant scenery of Yongjiang and overlook the prosperity of new Langdong City. It is said that the Qingshan tower is the highest tower in Guangxi.

Millennium cycad garden

Millennium cycad garden on the Mount Qingxiu covers an area of 100 acres. There are hundred of more than one-thousand-year old cycad. The oldest Cycad King can date back to 1360 years ago. The Garden has collected more than 50 species of cycad, up to ten thousand trees all together.

Mount Qingxiu Friendship gallery

Mount Qingxiu Friendship gallery is 618 meters long, and is located between Zhuang Jin plaza with ASEAN Friendship Park. Mount Qingxiu Friendship gallery is not only a gallery, but a pavilion for tourists to have a rest. The Gallery displays photographs of people's life in Guangxi and pictures of representative buildings, dresses and diet in ASEAN countries.

Quick Facts on Mount Qingxiu

• Name: Mount Qingxiu
• Location: 9 km southeast of Nanning
• Phone: +86-771-5560662
• Best Time to Visit: December to the next May
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3-5 Hours
• Opening Hours: All day
• Admission Fee: CNY 15

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