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Daming Mountain

Introducing Daming Mountain, Daming Mountain Guide, Daming Mountain Muslim Travel Guide
Edited by Hillary

Located in the center of Guangxi, Daming Mountain, distributed in Shanglin, Wuming, Mashan, and Binyang county, Daming Mountain is passed through by the Tropic of Cancer. Daming Mountain is a northwest-southeast direction, about 62 kilometers long, 18 kilometers wide and 1,000 meters high. The main peak of Daming Mountain is 1,785 meters.

Daming Mountain is one of the most famous mountains in Guangxi. Twisted clouds, winding streams, green cedars and thick forests make a fairy land and rare ecological tourist resort in Daming Mountain. The scenery varies with the change of seasons but never loses its beauty all year long. Daming Mountain is also the outdoor location of many films.

Looking in the distant on Daming Mountain, it is surrounded by other mountains and clouds. When the sun shines on the clouds, there appears a colorful halo, and is called Daming Fairyland by local people. The layer of the north part of Daming Mountain is mainly conglomerate and sandstone, the south part is mainly sandy shale. The mountain range is significant, the ridge of peak is sharp, the west slope is steep and the east slope is gentle. The main tourist attractions on Daming Mountain are: Unique Peaks and Tranquil Valleys, Lawns on High Hills, Waterfalls on cliffs.

Quick Facts on Daming Mountain

• Name: Daming Mountain
• Location: 90 km north of Nanning
• Phone: +86-771-5530413
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours
• Opening Hours: 8:30-17:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 80

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