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Small Qingdao Island,

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Article from Qingdao Municipal Commission of Tourism

Located in the basin of Qingdao Bay, Qingdao Road N.2,Small Qingdao Island got its name from its neighbour Huangdao Isle and Qingdao Bay. Small Qingdao Island is an isolated isle, 720 meters away from the seashore, where Zhanqiao Pier lies.

Covered with a landscaped area of 8804 square meters , Small Qingdao Island is 17.2 meters above the sea level, and 1.2 acres in area. With the jetty built in the early 1940s, Small Qingdao Island is also called Violin Isle for its ancient-violin-like shape. In the early 1930s, Small Qingdao Island was opened to the public as a park, with a tea house, a flower garden and stone chairs in it. In the park, a quay was built for yachts to dock. A cone-shaped white lighthouse rises up from the isle, regarded as an important navigation mark for ships entering Jiaozhou Bay.

Built by the Germen in 1900, the lighthouse was put into use after 15 years. Built of white marbles, it is octagonal and 15.5 meters in height. The head of the lighthouse was fixed with crystal glistening mirror, which can send out 12-sea-miles signals. When night falls, with the Violin Girl sculpture standing in the moonlight and glistening light from the lighthouse, the scene here is just like an elegant picture. Now the isle is covered by all kinds of rarity plants, especially the local yellow lily transplanted from Laoshan Mountain, landscaped area amounting to 70%. There are two delicate pavilions built in the square at the south of Small Qingdao Island.

Quick Facts on Small Qingdao Island

Name: Small Qingdao Island
Location: No.26 Qingyu Road, Qingdao
Phone: +86-0532-82893478
Best Time to Visit: June to August
Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Hour
Opening Hours: 07:30 - 18:00
Admission Fee: CNY15 (April to October); CNY10 (November to March)


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