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Confucian Cemetery

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Article from UNESCO

Confucius, a renowned philosopher, politician and educator in ancient China whose system of belief involving philosophy, politics and ethics (subsequently known as Confucianism) has exerted profound influence on Chinese culture, was revered as the Sacred Model Teacher for Ten Thousand Generations by Chinese emperors.

Located 1,100 meters to the north of Qufu City, Confucian Cemetery covers an area of 183 hectares. It contains Confucius' tomb and more than 100,000 graves of his descendants. Confucian Cemetery, also known as the Cemetery of the Popular Sage or the Cemetery of the Greatest Sage. Confucian Cemetery is built for Confucius and his descendants is to the northern gate of Qufu.

Confucius Cemetery has a history of 2400 yeas after the disciples of Confucius buried their teacher there in 479 (the 16th year of the Lord Ai reign of Lu State). There are over 100,000 tombs of the descendants of Confucius in the cemetery, in addition to the front gate, second gate, and stone bridge. Outside of the front gate stands Confucius woods, where a large number of gravestones and tablets, and over 100,000 trees can be found. Confucian Cemetery is the largest, oldest, and best-preserved family cemetery and the largest man-made garden in China.

The buildings in Confucian Cemetery were designed and built with meticulous care according to the ideas of Confucianism regarding the hierarchy of disposition of the various components. In the Ming period many outstanding artists and craftsmen applied their skills in the adornment of the temple, and in the Qing period imperial craftsmen were assigned to build the Dacheng Hall and Gate and the Qin Hall, considered to represent the pinnacle of Qing art and architecture.

Quick Facts on Confucian Cemetery

• Name: The Confucian Cemetery
• Location: 1.5 km northern of Qufu City
• Dates: 479 BC
• Best Time to Visit: March; May; June
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 1.5 Hours
• Opening Hours: 7:30-16:30
• Admission Fee: CNY 150

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