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Tianya Haijiao

Introducing Tianya Haijiao, Tianya Haijiao Guide, Tianya Haijiao Muslim Travel Guide
Article from Sanya Municipal Commission of Tourism

Tianya Haijiao is located in Tianya District, 23 kilometers southwest of Sanya City. Back to Maling Mountain, face the vast sea, Tianya Haijiao is the first tourist attractions in Hainan before 20 years ago when this province was established.

Known as "The End of the Earth", Tianya Haijiao is widely, and incorrectly, thought to be the southern most point on Hainan Island. Set within a landscaped beach front park with views over the South China Sea this is a popular place for tourists who come to see the ocean and in particular the rocks that dot the beach which are inscribed with lines from famous poems.

The various rocks each have a significance for example the "Tianya or Lucky Rock" is thought to be ancestor of all rocks in Hainan and the "Step Up Roc" implies progress and success in academic studies and business. Tianya Hiajiao is considered a romantic spot and is popular with honeymooners due to its' being name checked in a poem called "I will follow you to Tianya Haijiao".

Quick Facts on Tianya Haijiao

• Name: Tianya Haijiao
• Location: Downtown Sanya
• Phone: +86-898-88592938
• Best Time to Visit: October to April of next year
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 5 Hours
• Opening Hours: 07:30-18:50
• Admission Fee: CNY 100

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