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Sanya Bay

Introducing Sanya Bay, Sanya Bay Guide, Sanya Bay Muslim Travel Guide
Edited by Hillary

Sanya Bay is very close to Sanya City. Sanya Bay has a long bay, stretching 22 km. On the bank of Sanya Bay, plenty of green trees make Sanya an attractive coastal tourist city. Roads in the city are directly to the sea, and three waterfront plazas and a coastal park will be established. According to the planning, the long Sanya Bay will be divided into three sections. The first section which is close to the city is going to be the sightseeing region, the second section which is a little far from city will be the public swimming zone and the most-far-from-city section is going to be a number of leisure resorts.

Sanya Bay is ranging from Sanya Port in the east, and stretches to the palm forest--Tianya Bay. There is a saying about the beauty of 10-miles Silver Beach, but compared with the 20 miles palm forest gallery--Sanya Bay, everything will turn pale. Seeing from distant, two islands called East Island and Western Island are floating in the sea. The fortified garrisons on the Eastern Island and free fishermen on the Western Island, as neighbors, they distinct from each other in a large extent.

The east side of Sanya Bay is close to Sanya city, and the sea and beaches are worse than before because of the sewage discharge. At now, Sanya Bay is in remediation and not available for swim. But the west side of Sanya Bay is a great place for swimming since the sand is soft and the sea is clean.

Quick Facts on Sanya Bay

• Name: Sanya Bay
• Location: 5 km from Sanya
• Best Time to Visit: November to the next March
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 4 Hours
• Opening Hours: All day
• Admission Fee: Free

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