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Best of Xian Muslim Tour

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

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• Item Code: SXA005
• Trip Duration: Approximately 8 hours
• Visiting: Terra Cotta Warriors & Reproduction Factory, City Wall, Bell & Drum Tower Square, Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter
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Key Details
• Tour Duration: Approximately 8 hours
• Live Guide: English & Chinese
• Pick-up Service: Your hotel between 07:00 and 09:00
• Pick-up & Drop off Place: Your hotel

Brief Itinerary
• Pick up from your hotel
• Visit Terra Cotta Warriors & Reproduction Factory
• Lunch at local Halal restaurant
• Prayer at local Masjid (Mosque)
• Visit Xian City Wall
• Visit Bell & Drum Tower Square
• Visit Great Mosque
• Visit Muslim Quarter
• Transfer to your hotel

What's Included
• Hotel pick-up and drop-off service
• Transportation in an air-conditioned coach
• Services of an English-speaking guide
• Entrance tickets to mentioned attractions
• Personal accident travel insurance
• All government taxes
• Lunch at local Halal restaurant
• Prayer at local Masjid (Mosque)

What's Not Included
• Optional activity costs
• Gratuities to guide & driver (optional)
• Any other personal expenses

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
Also named Terra Cotta Army, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are a collection of terra cotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shihuang, the first Emperor of China. They were buried to protect the emperor in his afterlife. The Terra Cotta Army were discovered in 1974 by local farmers drilling wells for irrigation. The figures vary in height according to their roles, with the tallest being the generals. The figures include warriors, chariots and horses. There are an estimated of 8000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses buried in three pits. Other terra cotta non-military figures were found in other pits, including officials, acrobats, strongmen and musicians. The Terra Cotta Army is one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century in the world. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

Xian City Wall
The City Wall of Xian is one of the oldest, largest and best preserved city walls in China. It was built during the Ming Dynasty as a military defense system. It exhibits the complete features of the rampart architecture of feudal society. It has been refurbished many times since it was built in the 14th century, thrice at intervals of about 200 years in the later half of 1500s and 1700s, and in recent years in 1983. The Xian City Wall is rectangular in shape and has a total length of 14 kilometres with almost all stretches having seen some kind of restoration or rebuilding. Along the top of the wall is a walkway, which takes four hours of walking to traverse. As a defense fortification, it was constructed with a moat, drawbridges, watch towers, corner towers, parapet walls and gate towers.

Bell Tower
The Bell Tower of Xian, built in 1384 during the early Ming Dynasty, is a symbol of the city of Xian and one of the grandest of its kind in China. Tang Dnasty bronze-cast bells are displayed in the Bell Tower. The tower base is square covering an area of 1,377 square meters. The Bell Tower is a brick and timber structure and 36 meters high. A number of highlighted cultural relics are exhibited inside the Bell Tower, including a huge bell, inscribed steles and couplets hung on the column, all of which are of high historical and cultural values.

Drum Tower
Located in the heart of Xian, the Drum Tower is the symbol of the city along with the Bell Tower. Erected in 1380 during the early Ming Dynasty, it stands towering above the city center and offers incredible view of Xian. Drum Tower got its name from the huge drum located within the building. The drum was beat at sunset to indicate the end of the day in the ancient time. On the Drum Tower's first floor, lies a hall which hangs many large drums. Each was decorated with intrinsic and beautiful Chinese writing, which symbolizes good fortune. Inside the Drum Tower there is also a drum museum with a variety of drums on display, some of which can be dated back thousands of years. There is a drum show performed here every day. The top of the tower commands a panoramic view of Xian.

Xian Great Mosque
The Great Mosque of Xian was built in 742 and it is a tranquil and historic mosque that has served Xian's Muslim community for more than a millennium. Being the largest and best preserved of the ancient mosques of China, the buildings of Xian Great Mosque are a fascinating fusion of Chinese and Arabian styles. The Great Mosque is laid out like a traditional Chinese temple, with successive courtyards of pavilions and pagodas occupying a long and narrow site (48 meters by 248 meters). The Islamic function of the mosque becomes clear on closer inspection, with the usual figurative decoration mostly replaced by Arabic and Chinese calligraphy. The Great Mosque is aligned on an east-west axis, facing Mecca, with five courtyards in all, leading to a prayer hall at the western end of the mosque. Xian Great Mosque was added to the UNESCO Islamic Heritage List in 1985.

Xian Muslim Quarter
Xian was the first city in China to be introduced to Islam when Emperor Gaozong of the Tang dynasty officially allowed the practice of Islam in 651 AD and since, has made it home to a large Muslim community. Xian Muslim quarter covers several blocks with an estimated 60,000 Muslims in the region, majority of them are Chinese speaking Hui Muslims. There are about seven mosques in the area to accommodate the Muslim population, among which the Great Mosque built in 742 is most famous and popular among all. At Xian's Muslim Quarter you will find a seemingly endless labyrinth of street food, Halal restaurants and bustling local life. Walking along this twisted, narrow street which is aligned with stores on both sides, you can see that Muslims with white hats sit inside the stores and talk leisurely with each other. Dotted throughout are a number of other attractions including the Gao Grand Courtyard and shadow puppet show.

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