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Huandao Road

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Article from Fujian Provincial Tourism Information Cente

Features Aspect
The Huandao Road covers an overall length of 5.85 kilometers and a total area of 160,000 square meters, boasting the longest linear park in Xiamen City. Numerous sculptures and landscape artworks in the Huandao Road are closely related to Haicang's historical ocean culture and it is favorable to appreciate the sea all around the Park. Xiamen Children's Park Phase I is also located at the side of Huandao Road. The coastal Children's Park is equipped with 23 non-dynamic amusement facilities introduced from the UK, the US and other countries, including the world's second and China's first golden ghost pirate ship. In addition, Xiamen Children's Park Phase II along Huandao Road will soon be officially launched for operation. At the end of Huandao Road lies Songyu Wharf with people coming and going which is the key hub for traveling in and out of Huandao Road and the only vital communication line leading to Gulangyu from outside Xiamen Island.

Muslim Travel Tips
The stretching greenway, phoenix flower-color public bicycles, Xiamen Children's Park full of laughter, China's first information hall - Xiamen Information Hall, China's first road with free WiFi and the upcoming Maritime New World Project outline such a splendid painting as "the sunset glow parallels with a proud eagle to fly, the autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky" and traveling along Huandao Road to set free the views, thoughts and feelings really enables people feel relaxed and happy.

Quick Facts on Huandao Road

• Name: Huandao Road
• Location: Downtown Xiamen
• Phone: +86-591-87672397
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: Half a Day
• Opening Hours: All Day
• Admission Fee: Free


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