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Yangshuo Xanadu

Introducing Yangshuo Xanadu, Yangshuo Xanadu Guide, Yangshuo Xanadu Muslim Travel Guide
Edited by Hillary

Located approximately nine miles away from the city center, this enigmatic Yangshuo Xanadu village is full of fantastic buildings, primitive rurality and the diverse cultures of ethnic groups. Yangshuo Xanadu provides the perfect opportunity to bring you back in touch with nature. Yangshuo Xanadu was the first scenic spot to win the Nation's 4A Standard. Yangshuo Xanadu was immortalized in the famous poet of the East Jin Dynasty (317-420), Tao Yuanming’s masterpiece. There is a poem "Where is Xanadu in East Jin? It lies in Yangshuo, Guangxi."

Yangshuo Xanadu is mainly consists of Lotus Pool, the Swallow Lake, Primitive Tribes. If you walk in Yangshuo Xanadu in spring, you will see a marvelous picturesque landscape. The Swallow Lake with its clear water is set in the vast green land, as girls' bright languishing eyes. On the lake banks, willows swaying in the breeze and flicking the water. The drums for taking water are running, the sound of it is like an old rural song. Seen from distant, mountains are ups and downs, cottages are dotted here and there, smoke rising from the chimney, countless intriguing scene like this.

As is known, Xanadu is originated from Hunan Province, where Tao Yuanming complimented to be the magical place. But if you follow us to Yangshuo Xanadu, you will find the difference and excellence. The old Xanadu is lack of information and the traffic is inconvenient, but Yangshuo Xanadu is 12 km from Yangshuo County, only a few steps from Baisha Town. You can get what you want quickly.

Yangshuo Xanadu provides the opportunity to escape city life.

Quick Facts on Yangshuo Xanadu

• Name: Yangshuo Xanadu
• Location: 12 km from Yangshuo
• Phone: +86-773-2280060
• Best Time to Visit: March to June
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 1-2 Hours
• Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30
• Admission Fee: CNY 10

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