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Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Ruins

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Article from Cultural China

Located in Zhengzhou of Henan Province, Shang Dynasty Ruins are a large site featuring the Erligang Culture of the Shang Dynasty.

After the foundation of the Shang Dynasty, its capital was relocated eight times. Shang Dynasty Ruins is presumed to be Aodu (Capital Ao) to which Zhong Ding (a Shang Dynasty Emperor) moved his capital, or Bodu (Capital Bo) where Emperor Tang of Shang lived. This city is square in shape, with a city wall of 7 kilometers in perimeter. In the northeast of the city, several sites of rammed soil foundations have been discovered. These sites used to be palace areas. There are also pottery making, bronze casting and bone processing workshops and tombs scattered in and out of the city.

A lot of bronze objects stored in the vaults were found in the city. Among them, there are imperial-style sets of large-sized exquisite bronze ritual objects, which used to be the symbol of the state power of a slavery country. These bronze objects are national treasures buried before the capital relocation amid political turbulences.

Quick Facts on Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Ruins

• Name: Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Ruins
• Location: Guancheng Hui Nationality District
• Phone: +86-371-66324705
• Date: Shang Dynasty (17th-11th century BC)
• Best Time to Visit: All year
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
• Opening Hours: All day
• Admission Fee: Free

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